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Our publications and reports offer ideas, analysis, research, policy recommendations and incisive commentary. 

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Addressing digital exclusion in north east England

Digital exclusion was a problem long before the Covid-19 pandemic. However, since the pandemic began, there has been increased reliance on access to digital services.

Publication Report Housing & infrastructure Third Sector Equality IPPR North

Community first social care

This briefing outlines the value of community care, how a shift to the community can be personalised and empowering, and the role of community care in levelling-up.

Publication Briefing Public services Better Health and Care IPPR

Delivering a fair work recovery in Scotland: Securing a living income for all

Fair work can provide people with a decent standard of living, a sense of purpose and a means of contributing to society. But for too many people in Scotland, work fails to deliver decent living standards or the security on which to build a good life.

Publication Report Jobs & skills Scotland IPPR Scotland

Northern mayors: 100 days of a new term

Three in every five people in the north of England, that’s 9.7 million people, are now covered by a mayoral combined authority. In the North, six powerful metro mayors now govern areas with a...

Publication Briefing Devolution & local leadership Power & politics Metro mayors IPPR North