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Thurrock Climate and Fairness Panel

This report documents the Thurrock panel’s considered view on the practical steps required to address the climate crisis and restore nature in a way that is fair for everyone.

Publication Report Environment Environmental Justice Commission IPPR

A fair transition for farming

This report proposes a renewed social contract for farming to overcome the environmental crises we face in a way that is economically and socially fair.

Publication Report Environment Environmental Justice Commission IPPR

Building a food system that works for everyone

This report puts forward a series of recommendations for the UK and devolved governments, as well as local authorities, to start addressing the many challenges currently facing the UK food system. 

Publication Report Environment Environmental Justice Commission IPPR

Better than before: A fair work recovery

The Covid-19 public health crisis has dominated our lives for more than a year. In economic terms, however, the crisis is likely to dominate for many years to come. Once the virus is brought under...

Publication Briefing Jobs & skills IPPR Scotland

Women in the North: Choosing to challenge inequalities

Women have borne the brunt of the pandemic’s impacts in the past year. Around 45 per cent of working women across the North work in sectors that have seen the biggest negative impacts during the pandemic.

Publication Report Society & migration Equality Coronavirus response IPPR North

The truth tellers: Why we need profound audit sector reform now

Bad governance and poor management with too little accountability in businesses leave the UK economy with significant costs. Auditors should be the gatekeepers helping to keep such financial mismanagement at bay, yet too often they are failing to do so.

Publication Briefing Economy Business Centre for Economic Justice IPPR