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The Progressive Policy Think Tank

Healthy people, prosperous lives: The first interim report of the IPPR Commission on Health and Prosperity

Publication Report Public services Commission on Health and Prosperity IPPR

The asylum in-tray in 2025

With a general election expected in the next 12-18 months, the UK’s asylum system is in crisis. The backlog is at over 130,000 cases, the system is costing around £3.6 billion a year in asylum...

Publication Report Society & migration IPPR

State of the fair work nation

Without decent pay, secure work, or reliable hours, and without opportunities to progress in work, financial security will be difficult if not impossible to achieve for many.

Publication Report Economy Scotland IPPR Scotland

The public sector needs a real pay rise

In this report, we argue that demands for higher pay settlements for public sector workers are justified, and would help address problems facing the public sector.

Publication Economy Public services IPPR

Healthcare and prosperity: The NHS at 75

New analysis on the impact of healthcare disruption, and how healthcare needs to change as the NHS turns 75

Publication Briefing Public services Commission on Health and Prosperity IPPR