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The Progressive Policy Think Tank


Delivering an equitable net zero transition

The debate on decarbonisation has shifted from ‘whether’ we transition to ‘how’. However, there is a need to broaden these debates beyond green and environmental perspectives and to involve anti-poverty groups and perspectives.

Publication Briefing Environment Environmental Justice Commission IPPR

Building back cancer services in England

There is more to be done to ‘build back batter’ cancer care. To that end, we recommend a new three-part cancer pledge for the country to build capacity, harness innovation and better prevent cancers developing.

Publication Report Public services Better Health and Care IPPR

Prosperity and justice after the pandemic

To ‘build back better’ we will have to do much more than increase investment: we need to challenge damaging concentrations of power.

Publication Report Economy Centre for Economic Justice Coronavirus response IPPR

Addressing digital exclusion in north east England

Digital exclusion was a problem long before the Covid-19 pandemic. However, since the pandemic began, there has been increased reliance on access to digital services.

Publication Report Housing & infrastructure Third Sector Equality IPPR North