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Call for evidence: Nature, food and farming

This is a call for evidence on food and the recovery of nature, communities and livelihoods for the nature, food and farming theme of IPPR’s Environmental Justice Commission (EJC).

Publication Environment Environmental Justice Commission IPPR

A family stimulus: Supporting children, families and the economy through the pandemic

This paper makes the case for a “family stimulus” – a much-needed boost to the income of hard-hit families through the social security system and targeted investment in childcare to ensure the continued functioning of the sector.

Publication Briefing Economy Families Centre for Economic Justice Coronavirus response Future Welfare State IPPR

Young people affected by homelessness in north east England

Early intervention to support young people and their families can reduce rates of homelessness. However, the relevant services need sufficient funding, specialist expertise, and effective partnerships.

Publication Report Housing & infrastructure Homelessness IPPR North

Research at Risk: Mitigating the impact of Covid-19 on health R&D investment

Research reveals the devastating impact of Covid-19 on health charities. Analysis reveals that medical research charities are expected to lose almost 38 per cent of their fundraising income last academic year, and over 25 per cent this academic next year.

Publication Report Public services Coronavirus response Better Health and Care IPPR

At a crossroads: The future of transitional supported housing

Transitional supported housing (TSH) is a crucial service to many of society’s most vulnerable people, supporting and housing 189,500 people. The sector stands at a crossroads. The Covid-19 crisis brings threat and opportunity for the hundreds of thousands of people who will rely on the TSH sector both now and in the future.

Publication Report Housing & infrastructure Third Sector Homelessness IPPR North

The narrow corridor

New research reveals the scale of the job losses under the Chancellor’s new Job Support Scheme and the Job Retention Bonus when the furlough scheme winds up at the end of the month.

Publication Report Economy Jobs & skills Centre for Economic Justice Coronavirus response Future Welfare State IPPR