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IPPR has experts across the spectrum of public policy who write engaging and interesting primers and pen in-depth analysis on the challenges and opportunities of the day. You can explore their expert commentary, analysis and long read essays here.

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The need for a 'new deal' for businesses

The British economy has many strengths, despite doom-laden headlines. The UK has some world-leading sectors characterised by extraordinary innovation, high productivity, strong exports, highly...

Blog post Expert comment Economy Centre for Economic Justice IPPR

What would the Illegal Migration bill mean in practice?

Introduced to the Commons earlier this month, the new Illegal Migration bill represents the UK government’s latest attempt to respond to the recent rise in people crossing the English Channel in...

Blog post Long read Society & migration IPPR

What is a minimum income guarantee?

Recently, the Minimum Income Guarantee (MIG) expert group  has published their interim report . A Minimum Income Guarantee is one of the core policy commitments that we want to see made reality at...

Blog post Economy Scotland IPPR Scotland

What should a North East child poverty strategy look like?

IPPR North worked with the North East Child Poverty Commission (NECPC) to publish  Child Poverty and Devolution in North East England  in September 2020. The report called on local, regional...

Blog post Long read Devolution & local leadership IPPR North

Why we need 'missions' to drive the UK's economic renewal

The Sunday Times reported last weekend that the leader of the Labour Party, Keir Starmer, will announce a set of “missions” that would define a future Labour government. These missions are likely...

Blog post Expert comment Economy Centre for Economic Justice Fair Transition Unit IPPR