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IPPR has experts across the spectrum of public policy who write engaging and interesting primers and pen in-depth analysis on the challenges and opportunities of the day. You can explore their expert commentary, analysis and long read essays here.

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£560 million in levelling up funding lost to inflation

Inflation is expected to create a £560 million hole in the government’s Levelling Up Fund (LUF) and Shared Prosperity Fund (SPF) by 2025/26 according to our analysis of new figures published today...

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Freefall: how a year of chaos has undermined trust in politics

The last few weeks have seen profound political turmoil dominate our national debate. So bad has our plight become that The Economist magazine recently coined the term “ Britaly ”, a comparison to...

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Community led levelling up – insights from Redcar

 “ I think it already is special we have just been left in the Stone Age .” This was the response from Helen,* a social worker who had lived in Redcar nearly all her life when she was...

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The big buyback

This briefing is published in collaboration with Common Wealth as part of our programme of work exploring profits and corporate power post-pandemic. As the cost-of-living crisis continues to...

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The retained EU law bill: What does it mean for workers’ rights?

Last week’s retained EU law bill has received little attention so far amid the political and economic fallout from the mini-budget, but it is set to play a profound role in the government’s economic...

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Where next for the Shared Prosperity Fund?

There is a broad consensus that for decades Westminster has not treated the social and economic inequalities that exist across the country with the urgency required. Despite the fanfare that...

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