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Divided and connected: Regional inequalities in the North, the UK and the developed world – State of the North 2019

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Topic: Devolution & local leadership

The last Scottish Parliament set good ambitions - this one must deliver them

My last face-to-face work meeting before Covid-19 was back in February 2020, a few weeks before the pandemic hit Scotland. Looking back now, the idea of getting the train, going to Glasgow, meeting a...

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Elections 2021: A view from the North

A milestone for devolution This week, voters across the UK will participate in devolved and local elections. The political and policy landscapes are very different from 2017 when the first of...

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Why devolution matters: The case of Cornwall

Cornwall was one of the first areas to secure a devolution deal in 2015 and it remains the only non-metropolitan area with devolved powers in England. But six years on, with significant progress...

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Strengthening the think tank sector in Scotland

This report considers the think tank sector in Scotland, its history and potential ways to strengthen the sector in the future.

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State of the North 2020/21: Power up, level up, rise up

In this year's State of the North report, we set out some of the ways in which the North’s economy does not, currently, create the conditions for a good life for everyone in the region – and how a truly ‘levelled up’ North might look.

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Child poverty and devolution in North East England

In this report, we consider how English regions, such as the North East, can use devolution to address child poverty and improve the lives and life chances of children.

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Covid-19 and the case for a digital commons

The pandemic has led to major changes in how we work and live. Most striking is the accelerating growth of the data economy and its dominant digital giants. We must bring our data under local, democratic control.

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