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State of the North 2020/21: Power up, level up, rise up

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Topic: Devolution & local leadership

A Northern Energy Strategy

Our vision for the north of England is that by 2050 we will be the leading low-carbon energy region in the UK, with an energy economy worth £15 billion per annum and 100,000 green jobs providing...

Publication Report Devolution & local leadership IPPR North

How May can deliver her energy bills pledge

In just a few weeks’ time, the Prime Minister looks set to use her speech to Conservative party conference to recommit to delivering on her pledge to make peoples’ energy cost less. What’s more,...

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State of the Third Sector in the North West

Recently, the failings of a notorious, and highly unusual, charity, Kids Company, again made headlines across the country. Along with occasional headlines about a funding ‘crisis’ among charitable...

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Guest blog: What is the N in the NHS?

Since 1948, the entire population of the United Kingdom has benefitted from universal and (mostly) comprehensive healthcare, free at the point of delivery. Conventionally, we refer to the provider of...

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Now is the time to get behind a New North

The challenges and opportunities of the coming months and years will be huge; and it is by joining at a pan-Northern level we can shape at scale these forces, says IPPR North Director Ed Cox....

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England’s new leaders: How mayors can transform their cities

Six of England’s major cities will soon be under new leadership. If their powers are used effectively, these mayors could greatly improve the everyday lives of their citizens. This report addresses...

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