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State of the North 2020/21: Power up, level up, rise up

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Topic: Devolution & local leadership

Rebooting devolution: A common-sense approach to taking back control

The 'devolution revolution' has stalled, largely for lack of a clear purpose, process or timescale. A rebooted, successful approach to devolution requires a principle-based framework, set out in this...

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A Brexit vision for a brazen North

Too many commentators have chosen to dismiss 2016 as a thoroughly bad year. I suspect history will judge it more kindly. From a Northern perspective, it may well go down as the year that Northerners...

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The northern powerhouse rolls on, but lacks leadership

As Cameron and Osborne left Downing Street, many suspected the northern powerhouse bandwagon would be pushed into a siding. They couldn't have been more wrong – but it's a runaway train that...

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Blueprint for a Great North Plan

There is broad agreement among stakeholders in the north of England that we need a 'Great North Plan' – and that we need to get on with drawing one up. This large-scale blueprint presents the best...

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What should be top of Mayor Khan’s to-do list?

The jubilation that followed a hard-won and decisive victory will soon dissipate as the scale of the task facing him fast becomes very real. The energetic new mayor will be bombarded with calls for...

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Devolving power simply to abdicate it?

This week saw the publication of the Scottish Conservatives’ Independent Tax Commission. The report is pretty much the first insight that any of Scotland’s political parties have given us into their...

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Empowering counties: Unlocking county devolution deals

This report considers how the decentralisation process is impacting on England's counties, and how these diverse areas can – by securing locally-specific powers and governance arrangements – boost...

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