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Divided and connected: Regional inequalities in the North, the UK and the developed world – State of the North 2019

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Topic: Devolution & local leadership

Do we need a Great North Plan? Call for evidence

What should a strategic spatial planning framework for the north of England be like? What should be its scope, and how should it be developed? This call for evidence closed on Wednesday 30...

Publication IPPR North Devolution & local leadership Briefing

The energy and complexity of British regionalism

The Dulwich Picture Gallery is currently showing an exhibition of the work of the English painter, printmaker and designer, Eric Ravilious. Ravilious, who died on service as a war artist in 1942,...

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The state of the North: Setting a baseline for the devolution decade

Marking 10 years since the launch of IPPR North, this report highlights the most important trends in the north of England over the last decade. Looking at economic growth and productivity, investment...

Publication IPPR North Devolution & local leadership Report

Greater Manchester: the beginning of 'Devo-More' for England

It is a well-worn aphorism that 'what Manchester thinks today, the rest of England thinks tomorrow', but today's news certainly provides justification for it. The devolution deal announced for...

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After No; what next?

The first priority is of course Scotland: divisions need to be healed and the country needs to come together. Unionist and nationalist politicians can demonstrate their commitment to such unity by...

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Scotland's will to power - and why 'Britishness' was never enough

It is 100 years since the Irish Home Rule Bill reached the statute book, only to lie there dead on the mortuary table of British imperial history. The Irish war of independence consigned it to the...

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