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Divided and connected: Regional inequalities in the North, the UK and the developed world – State of the North 2019

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Topic: Devolution & local leadership

After No; what next?

The first priority is of course Scotland: divisions need to be healed and the country needs to come together. Unionist and nationalist politicians can demonstrate their commitment to such unity by...

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Scotland's will to power - and why 'Britishness' was never enough

It is 100 years since the Irish Home Rule Bill reached the statute book, only to lie there dead on the mortuary table of British imperial history. The Irish war of independence consigned it to the...

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The future of England: The local dimension

Looking beyond recent analysis focusing on Englishness and the politics of England, this paper investigates people's level of connection with local areas, their trust in local institutions and their...

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England and its two unions: The anatomy of a nation and its discontents

This report highlights politically important and culturally fascinating trends in the attitudes of people living in England to national identity and their nation's relationship with its two unions:...

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Funding devo more: Fiscal options for strengthening the union

This paper outlines an approach to funding devolved government in the United Kingdom, drawing on lessons from federal systems around the world and recognising the practicalities of the UK's public...

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Governance and leadership: NEFC briefing paper no 3

The work of the Northern Economic Futures Commission (NEFC) is focused on how to grow the economy of the North of England, to the benefit of the whole of the UK. In part this requires a focus on what...

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