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Topic: Economy

The UK in the global economy

In recent years our economy has been growing, but most people are no better off than a decade ago. For many people the economy does not appear to be working at all.

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The Digital Commonwealth: From private enclosure to collective benefit

At the forefront of the platform economy are Facebook, Alphabet, Amazon and Apple – they have accumulated the most data, developed the most advanced analytical capabilities and gained greatest ownership...

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On Borrowed Time: Finance and the UK's current account deficit

The UK’s longstanding current account deficit indicates that the UK economy has a fundamental problem of international competitiveness. While in the past we have been able to support this through...

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Our Common Wealth: A Citizens' Wealth Fund for the UK

A declining labour share of national income, together with unequal capital ownership, mean wealth inequality in the UK has risen and is set to rise further. This policy paper sets out why a...

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Financing Investment: Reforming finance markets for the long-term

The IPPR Commission on Economic Justice is a landmark initiative to rethink economic policy for post-Brexit Britain. Launched in November 2016, it brings together leading figures from across society...

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Is the UK's outsized financial sector worth it?

The rapid financialisation of the UK economy has done little to bolster socially desirable investments, with the bulk of activity primarily confined to the financial sector itself and real estate. ...

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