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Topic: Economy

The bittersweet recovery

Recent good news in the form of stronger-than-expected short-term growth and rising employment does not mean that the structural weaknesses exposed by the 'Great Recession' have been eliminated. This...

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New priorities for British economic policy

Britain needs a new economic model, one in which government and the private sector work together to address the 'triple crisis' of stagnation, debt and imbalance. A new form of British capitalism is...

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In aid of India? Defining a positive role for the UK

In November 2012, the government announced that UK financial aid to India would end completely in 2015. This arbitrary termination means the opportunity is missed to develop a more holistic approach...

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Don't bank on it: The financialisation of the UK economy

This report weighs up the arguments put forward by the financial sector's supporters and detractors and analyses its role in the economy. The results of this analysis have some important implications...

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