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Topic: Economy

A path back to growth

For the next few years, the priority in the UK is achieving output growth and the declines in unemployment that would accompany it. But understanding the UK's economic problems as a combination of...

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The long view: Public services and public spending in 2030

Britain faces a longer-term fiscal challenge. The Office for Budget Responsibility has estimated that by 2030 Britain will once again move into deficit because long-term trends look set to increase...

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An economic stimulus for the UK: the chancellor's choices

This briefing analyses the costs and relative benefits of several of the main options for a temporary economic stimulus open to George Osborne as the budget approaches, and also assesses the...

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The green investment bank: Do it now, make it big

The government has committed to setting up a 'green' investment bank. Yet the sums the government is committing are tiny: £3 billion, or about a fifth of 1 per cent of GDP, which can hardly...

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Learning to live with the demon debt

Debt is necessary, and partially good. John Cullinane argues that a widespread misunderstanding of debt and how it works is leading political and business leaders alike to support the mainstream...

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