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Building back better: Prosperity and justice after Covid-19

Event Economy Centre for Economic Justice IPPR
Topic: Economy

Time For Land Value Tax?

"There is a growing consensus that property taxation needs reform ... Land Value Taxation could help in the reforms of Council Tax, local government finance, planning and housebuilding, as well as...

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Fair Dues:Towards a more progressive inheritance tax

Dominic Maxwell argues for the progressive reform of inheritance tax with the aim of promoting social justice. At a time when there is growing evidence that wealth inequality contributes to unequal...

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Tough Choices The 2004 spending review

The 2004 spending review in July will effectively set the priorities for policy and for public spending for the next Parliament. This makes the 2004 review at least as important as the contents of...

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A Bit Rich? What the wealthy think about giving

ippr explored the attitudes and motivations of the affluent and the rich towards giving. This group has more money to give than most, yet statistics suggest a complicated, sometimes regressive,...

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A Blueprint for a Business Energy Tax

Can an industrial energy tax package be designed to protect vulnerable sectors from severe losses in competitiveness, whilst retaining its original environmental benefits? Download full publication...

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Stimulating Investment: A Role for Policy

This publication looks at where investment is low, why it is low and what government could start to do about it. This publication looks at where investment is low, why it is low and what government...

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Public Expenditure. Effective management and control

Analyses the way public spending is planned, delivered, spent, evaluated and controlled, and how this should be reformed. Authors include former civil servants Nick Monck and Alan Bailey and...

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