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Building back better: Prosperity and justice after Covid-19

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Topic: Economy

A progressive future for income tax in Scotland?

The Scottish government begins the budget process for Scotland on 12 December 2018, publishing its draft budget for 2019/20. This will see the Scottish government set out its plans for devolved taxes...

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A Wealth of Difference: Reforming the taxation of wealth

The UK is a wealthy nation but that wealth is very unevenly distributed. This has negative implications for both economic prosperity and justice. These issues are set to become more important as...

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What does the Commission on Economic Justice mean for Scotland?

The IPPR Commission on Economic Justice was established in autumn 2016 in the wake of the UK’s vote to leave the European Union. This briefing outlines some of the potential implications for Scotland...

Publication Briefing Economy Commission on Economic Justice Scotland IPPR Scotland

Our Common Wealth: A Citizens' Wealth Fund for the UK

A declining labour share of national income, together with unequal capital ownership, mean wealth inequality in the UK has risen and is set to rise further. This policy paper sets out why a...

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It is possible to end child poverty

When it comes to some of our most intractable policy problems, the belief that change is possible can sometimes be the hardest thing to keep hold of. Optimism in our ability to make things better is...

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How to future-proof the economy: tax all income equally

Most of us work for a living. We aren’t trustafarians, with a nice monthly dividend check from a safely-invested inheritance we didn’t earn. Nor are we corporate titans, with millions in stock...

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Owning the Future

Neoliberalism is many things: a failing but widespread economic common sense, an attempt to insulate the political from the economic, an approach to modernity that seeks discipline and control...

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Capital Gains: Broadening company ownership in the UK economy

The unequal ownership of capital in the economy is a powerful driver of inequality. With the share of national income going to capital having increased in recent decades, and likely to rise...

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