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Building back better: Prosperity and justice after Covid-19

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Wealth inequality isn’t inevitable – it’s a political choice

The recently published ‘Paradise Papers’ have refocussed attention on just how much wealth the richest in UK society own, and how even in a democratic society the rules you play by depend on who you...

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Wealth Inequality: Dimensions, Drivers And Responses

We are a wealthy but deeply unequal nation. The richest 10% of households own nearly 900 times the wealth of the poorest 10%, and five times more than the least wealthy half of the population, who...

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Spread capital ownership to build an economy that works for everyone

Labour and the Conservatives are currently searching for an answer to different questions: how to transform the economy on the one hand, and restore support among the under-45s on the other. ...

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Wealth in the twenty-first century: Inequalities and drivers

The UK is a wealthy nation; but that wealth is very unevenly divided. This report shows how these inequalities exist between individuals and families, between areas of the country, generations and...

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A broken economy: there has been no ‘recovery’

Last week, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, wrote an exclusive for the Financial Times arguing that the UK economic model was ‘broken’. The Archbishop’s analysis was built on the...

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Purchasing power: Making consumer markets work for everyone

This report asks how can government act effectively and innovatively to ensure markets for essentials like energy, transport and housing function fairly. Living standards of households in the UK...

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