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Building back better: Prosperity and justice after Covid-19

Event Economy Centre for Economic Justice IPPR
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Social Justice: Building a fairer Britain

Social Justice brings together ippr's unrivalled team of policy analysts with leading thinkers like Geoff Mulgan, Raymond Plant, David Miller and Tania Burchardt, and asks them: "What can the...

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Attitudes to Social Justice

Peter Taylor-Gooby outlines what we know about the public's views on income poverty, fair distribution and the emerging policy debate about childcare. Peter Taylor-Gooby outlines what we know about...

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The State of the Nation. An audit of social injustice

This interim paper provides an overview of the state of the nation in 2004. It assesses the scale of the challenge we face. Where appropriate, it draws upon international comparisons to show where...

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Beyond Bank Accounts: Full financial inclusion

This report addresses the full breadth and depth of the experience of financial exclusion. Many people's opportunitites are limited and their poverty deepened through their experience of financial...

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A Bit Rich? What the wealthy think about giving

ippr explored the attitudes and motivations of the affluent and the rich towards giving. This group has more money to give than most, yet statistics suggest a complicated, sometimes regressive,...

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Time to Choose Justice

Peter Robinson explores Britain's record on productivity, employment, poverty, the public services, education, the regions and resource productivity. 'Time to Choose Justice' will be of interest to...

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Micro-entrepreneurs: Creating enterprising communities

How do we maintain a commitment to social justice and create an 'enterprise-for-all' society? This report focusses on micro-entrepreneurs and micro-enterprises because they are poorly understood yet...

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The Inclusive Society Tackling poverty

Moves the debate about poverty beyond its normal terrain. Themes include: dynamics and dimensions of poverty, the feasibility of poverty reduction targets, employment creation, the role of the mixed...

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