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Topic: Economy

Just tax: Reforming the taxation of income from wealth and work

The UK is one of the most unequal countries in the developed world, and income inequality could be set to worsen as capital and property ownership become more important sources of income generation....

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BLOG: Reconceptualising the time we spend online

I PPR Economics Prize under 25 winner's blog In the last ten years the balance of global economic power has undergone a dramatic shift: with improvements in the capacity to collect, store and...

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BLOG: A long-term non-ideological approach to economics

IPPR Economics Prize runners up blog Businesses and investors have a much greater chance of success when they have a clear long-term strategy and stick to it throughout the swings of economic...

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This analysis of the Welsh economy was handed out at our event  Economic Justice for Wales.  The event was part of  a UK-wide series of public meetings held by the IPPR Centre for Economic Justice ....

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The future is ours: Women, automation and equality in the digital age

Automation will produce significant productivity gains that will reshape specific sectors and occupations. These gains are likely to be recirculated, with jobs reallocated rather than eliminated, economic output increased, and new sources of wealth created.

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Making the most of the Scottish Child Payment

When the Scottish Government’s plans to reduce child poverty through a Scottish Child Payment were announced earlier this month, they were warmly welcomed by activists and economists alike. But...

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