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Fairness and opportunity: A people-powered plan for the green transition

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Natural Assets North: Valuing our northern uplands

Natural Assets North is a new IPPR North project which investigates the natural potential of the north of England, including the quality of its landscape, water and coastlines. The natural capital of...

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Brexit and the UK’s environmental ambitions

The post-Brexit relationship between the UK and the EU will play a key role in shaping the UK’s future environmental ambitions. The UK’s current environmental and climate policy framework is...

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Lethal but legal: Air pollution from domestic burning

The levels of air pollution to which domestic burning in the home is a prime contributor are lethal but legal. Up until very recently, public policy has focused on the lethal and illegal concentrati...

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A distributed energy future for the UK: An essay collection

This set of essays explores how new energy technologies, different sources of energy, and new business and governance models can offer a more effective, efficient, low carbon energy system which can...

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Natural Assets North: the foundations of the Northern Powerhouse

Head North on the M6 over any bank holiday weekend and you’ll find that you are not alone-  because everyone knows that the North is where all the good stuff is – the highest mountains, the best...

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A necessary solution to a broken market

This year energy prices among the Big Six have reached their highest level since 2013 and are on average £76 higher than last year. In a perfect market full of well-informed consumers who are...

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Tackling air pollution is both a challenge and an opportunity

The government’s commitment to ban the sale of new conventional petrol and diesel cars and vans after 2040 is a welcome move. This is because it provides an explicit signal to drivers and manufacture...

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