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Fairness and opportunity: A people-powered plan for the green transition

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Natural Assets North: Flooding in the North

Flooding in the north of England is an urgent and important issue. The month before this report was published, parts of South Yorkshire, as well as Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire...

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Natural Assets North: Water in the Northern Powerhouse

Without a reliable and sustainable supply of clean water, and effective and efficient wastewater systems, activity in the Northern Powerhouse would quickly grind to a halt. To date, conversations...

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Metis, Volume 3

Metis is the journal of IPPR@universities, the student thinktank network. This year's theme - the environment - has provided the opportunity for students to think about the difficult policy issues...

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Green expectations: Lessons from the US green jobs market

The framing of climate change and energy policy in terms of economic growth has played a key strategic role in the United States. This paper assesses the success of the 'green jobs' policy agenda in...

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Green Streets, Strong Communities

Capable, innovative and determined groups of people in Britain's many and diverse neighbourhoods can play a leading role in improving the energy efficiency of homes and community buildings and in...

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