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Fairness and opportunity: A people-powered plan for the green transition

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Topic: Environment

Water Security: Global, regional and local challenges

Around the world, global water problems continue to grow, adversely affecting people, prosperity and national security. This policy brief examines the scope of the problem and identifies a number of...

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Just Desserts? Securing global food futures

This report presents principles to the the international community and UK government to guide responses to the evolving priorities surrounding food security within a changing global environment....

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Shared Destinies: Security in a globalised world

This is the interim report of the ongoing ippr Commission on National Security in the 21st Century, an all-party Commission preparing an independent national security strategy for the UK. This is...

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Best Before: How the UK should respond to food policy challenges

With rising food prices, concerns about environmental impacts of agricultural production and worrying levels of obesity, food has never been more topical. Ensuring a safe, affordable, sustainable and...

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A Zero Waste UK

A Zero Waste UK In the UK today's product - be it a fridge, battery or drink carton - is tomorrow's waste. But does New Zealand's approach - that today's waste is tomorrow's raw material - provide...

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Every Drop Counts: Achieving greater water efficiency

This report aims to stimulate debate on how to encourage greater water efficiency and water saving behaviour in existing homes and to influence the ongoing work of the Water Saving Group. It provides...

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Managing Water Resources and Flood Risk in the South East

This fourth working paper from the Commission for Sustainable Development in the South East focuses on the impact that current and proposed housing developments in the South East will have on water...

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