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Topic: Housing & infrastructure

Community and local energy: Challenges and opportunities

A rising number of community energy projects and municipal and community-owned energy retail supply companies have been formed in recent years. But both kinds of initiative face significant challenge...

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Capital failure: Understanding the roots of London's housing crisis

London's housing crisis is critical, and its problems are complex and well-entrenched. This short briefing addresses the root causes and impacts of the chronic undersupply of homes for the millions...

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To keep the UK's lights on, call time on coal

Yesterday, National Grid made its first emergency instruction since 2012, calling on industry to reduce its use of power. It was keen to stress that there was no chance of blackouts, and it was...

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The local energy in British politics

Much of the dynamism in contemporary British politics is to be found in local government, and there are few better examples of this than energy policy. Instead of demanding the renationalisation of...

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The London Housing Commission: A call for evidence

In this call for evidence, the London Housing Commission solicited research, analysis and ideas on how to improve the housing market in the capital. This call for evidence is now closed. The...

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