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The Progressive Policy Think Tank

Right To Home? Rethinking homelessness in rural communities

Publication Report Society & migration
Topic: Housing & infrastructure

We believe everyone should have an affordable, decent and secure home to call their own; and every community depends on infrastructures that reliably provide for our basic needs, such as safe water; healthy food; and 24/7 energy for heat, entertaining and the now ubiquitous digital connectivity.  

It has long been the case that there are insufficient new homes to rent or buy, while even government acknowledges the housing market is broken. Every community needs a housing market that delivers for its needs, whether it is addressing housing supply and pressures on affordability; the insecurity and poor standards of the private rented sector; or questions about the density, design or energy efficiency of our stock.  

And in the face of a population that is, broadly speaking, getting older, and where the digital revolution is disrupting existing ways of doing things, some of our infrastructure is no longer fit for purpose. There is a pressing need to adapt buildings and infrastructures in response to changes in demography and climate; remodel transport systems to support carbon-free mobility; build a resilient energy system that maximizes our own low carbon supply; and ensure digital advances are in the interests of the majority.  

We are focused on developing and shaping the ideas, policies and bespoke solutions to deliver the homes and infrastructure transition we need. Some of this is about technology, ownership, governance, and the legislative frameworks we can create to fairly and affordably produce the outcomes we require. We believe that many of the solutions lie in local engagement and ownership, reinforcing political decentralisation with practical decentralisation.