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Topic: Housing & infrastructure

Sustainable consumption in the UK: A selection of case studies

This report presents case studies of best practice in achieving sustainable consumption in the UK. These case studies exemplify ways in which people can be helped, encouraged or compelled to live...

Publication Business Report Housing & infrastructure

Energy efficiency: Who pays and who benefits?

ECO is a new programme that aims to improve the energy efficiency of homes in Great Britain. Only a limited number of people will be able to benefit from ECO but the cost of the policy will be borne...

Publication Report Housing & infrastructure

Beyond the bluster: Why wind power is an effective technology

Much opposition to wind power appears to be based on the belief that it is an ineffective technology, inefficient or unreliable. This claim is untrue and it is important to get 'beyond the bluster'...

Publication Science & technology Report Housing & infrastructure

Growing pains: British industry and the low-carbon transition

The report explores the views of British industries that are critical to the low-carbon transition - the energy, transport and manufacturing sectors, as well as energy-intensive industries within...

Publication Business Science & technology Report Housing & infrastructure