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Topic: Housing & infrastructure

Untying the knot: Decoupling oil and road transport

The Gordian knot that has bound oil and road transport together may be loosening. Untying the knot altogether now appears feasible in a nation such as the UK, but it will take a series of bold...

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Hot Air: The carbon price floor in the UK

The UK government is introducing a floor price for carbon - to be known as carbon price support. It will be levied as an additional tax on the carbon content of fuels used for power generation in the...

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The Long Cold Winter: Beating fuel poverty

More and more people are being plunged into fuel poverty as energy prices rise and government programmes to tackle this major social problem fail to keep up with the scale of the challenge. This...

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The Future's Green: Jobs and in the UK Low-Carbon Transition

Since 2008 there has been a significant increase in attention to the idea of jobs in lowcarbon and environmental services, known as 'green jobs' - which can help tackle climate change and unemploymen...

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