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Topic: Housing & infrastructure

Lessons from Germany: Tenant power in the rental market

The second of our series of reports comparing the English and German housing markets explores the lessons that policymakers in England can learn from Germany – where renting, the dominant tenure,...

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Capital failure: Understanding the roots of London's housing crisis

London's housing crisis is critical, and its problems are complex and well-entrenched. This short briefing addresses the root causes and impacts of the chronic undersupply of homes for the millions...

Publication London Metro mayors Housing & infrastructure Report

The London Housing Commission: A call for evidence

In this call for evidence, the London Housing Commission solicited research, analysis and ideas on how to improve the housing market in the capital. This call for evidence is now closed. The...

Publication Housing & infrastructure London Briefing

Was Help to Buy not such a big deal after all?

The Swedish central bank – the Riksbank – has cut its main interest rate to zero in an attempt to fight off deflation. Its policy of tightening monetary policy after 2010 to bring down house prices...

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Together at home: A new strategy for housing

Labour's housing announcement picks up on IPPR's ideas for providing greater security of tenure to the growing number of people living in the private rented sector. Many of the problems in English...

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Right to buy 2.0

Conservative MP David Davis and Labour MP Frank Field join forces in a bid to unlock the capital trapped in social houses where the tenant is not allowed to buy their home and to channel the revenue...

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