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Topic: Housing & infrastructure

Forever Blowing Bubbles? Housing's role in the UK economy

The housing market is especially vulnerable to bubbles - there have been four in the UK in the past 40 years, including most recently in the mid-2000s (which saw house prices triple within a decade)....

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Housing Wealth: First timers to old timers

This book argues that combating the wealth inequalities produced by the growth in home ownership cannot be achieved with subsidies to help people onto the housing ladder. View a sample chapter...

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Shifting Foundations Home ownership and government objectives

In this interim paper for ippr's Housing Across the Lifecycle project, Dominic Maxwell asks why, if at all, the Government should help people to buy a house? In this interim paper for ippr's Housing...

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Housing, Equality & Choice

A radical report advocating policies for creating a better balance between people, homes and jobs, and a way to reshape the character of social rented housing. Inequality in housing has increased...

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Squeezed Out: Choice and affordability in housing

People on low to middle incomes can often struggle to buy and keep their homes, are excluded from social housing and find private renting unsuitable. This report summarises research which looks at...

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Housing United

ippr established the Forum on the Future of Social Housing to carry out an independent inquiry into the future of social housing, to promote an open and inclusive debate and to develop a consensus on...

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