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Guaranteeing the right start: Preventing youth unemployment after Covid-19

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Youth unemployment and what to do about it

First, the youth unemployment rate remains dizzyingly high at 18.5 per cent, with young people over three-and-a-half times more likely to be unemployed than adults. In the first quarter of 2014...

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Alright for some? Fixing the Work Programme, locally

To ensure welfare-to-work support is responsive to local conditions, we propose that a new national programme for mainstream jobseekers is established alongside a localised programme for those facing...

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Universal Credit White Paper: ippr response

The universal credit is a sound idea. Any reform that improves incentives to work and humanises the benefits system is welcome. However, it faces several challenges in its ambition to 'make work pay'...

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Now It's Personal? The new landscape of welfare-to-work

This report shows that despite promising to devolve power, the Coalition government's flagship welfare-to-work programme does nothing to change one of the most highly centralised welfare systems in...

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In-work poverty in the recession

The share of poor households accounted for by working households has been increasing in the UK over the last decade, with more than half of poor children living in working households before the...

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