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Guaranteeing the right start: Preventing youth unemployment after Covid-19

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Strength Against Shocks: Low-income families and debt

ippr's innovative research with 58 low-income families in London, Newcastle, Nottingham and Glasgow aimed to understand what the expansion of household debt has meant for the lives of low-income...

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Saving and Asset-Building in Low-Income Households

This paper reports the results of research designed, in part, to examine how low-income families manage their budgets. Having a store of 'rainy day money' can increase a low-income family's...

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Getting On: Well-being in later life

This report sets out a wider agenda for policymakers and practitioners. It reviews UK policies for older people and international practice, as well as the priorities of older people in urban versus...

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Youth Tracker, Issue 2, Autumn 2009

Welcome to the second edition of the Youth Tracker - a quarterly newsletter looking at how Britain's young people are faring in the recession, and what we can do to support them. The aim of the...

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Ageing and Well-Being in an International Context

This report opens up the policy debates surrounding population ageing beyond the traditional realm of healthcare and pensions. It explores how the well-being of older people can be incorporated into...

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It's All About You: Citizen-centred welfare

We propose that we need a welfare system that is based on the needs and circumstances of the citizen. The Government's Green Paper, "In work, better off: Next steps to full employment", published in...

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