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Guaranteeing the right start: Preventing youth unemployment after Covid-19

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It's All About You: Citizen-centred welfare

We propose that we need a welfare system that is based on the needs and circumstances of the citizen. The Government's Green Paper, "In work, better off: Next steps to full employment", published in...

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Taking responsibility: A fair welfare contract

This chapter delivers a sense of what a fair welfare contract might look like - and what it would take to achieve one. It begins by considering the different terms in which we might think about a...

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The Saving Gateway: From principles to practice.

Asset-based welfare has represented a new policymaking frontier since 1997 - with a number of reforms introduced to enable increasing numbers of people to share in the benefits of asset ownership....

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The Citizen's Stake

Can and should asset-based policies such as universal capital grants become a new pillar of the welfare state? Can they form the basis for a more egalitarian form of market economy? The citizen's...

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After Turner: Creating a sustainable pensions settlement

ippr believes there are six key questions that need to be addressed to secure a sustainable pensions settlement, that is one based on making difficult choices and trade-offs. These questions are set...

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Working Later: Raising the effective age of retirement

Working Later shows how difficult it will be to secure a political and popular consensus on pensions reform but shows how important it is to make any reforms transparent if the legacy of mistrust...

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