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Guaranteeing the right start: Preventing youth unemployment after Covid-19

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Taking responsibility: A fair welfare contract

This chapter delivers a sense of what a fair welfare contract might look like - and what it would take to achieve one. It begins by considering the different terms in which we might think about a...

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The Saving Gateway: From principles to practice.

Asset-based welfare has represented a new policymaking frontier since 1997 - with a number of reforms introduced to enable increasing numbers of people to share in the benefits of asset ownership....

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The Citizen's Stake

Can and should asset-based policies such as universal capital grants become a new pillar of the welfare state? Can they form the basis for a more egalitarian form of market economy? The citizen's...

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After Turner: Creating a sustainable pensions settlement

ippr believes there are six key questions that need to be addressed to secure a sustainable pensions settlement, that is one based on making difficult choices and trade-offs. These questions are set...

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Working Later: Raising the effective age of retirement

Working Later shows how difficult it will be to secure a political and popular consensus on pensions reform but shows how important it is to make any reforms transparent if the legacy of mistrust...

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Fit for Purpose. The reform of incapacity benefit

This report calls for a new benefits framework to create solid foundations for the long term. It sets out practical policies to support people with health problems or disability get back to work and...

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The Missing Million Supporting disabled people into work

The authors show current policies to be inadequate to meet the scale and importance of the challenge of supporting many more disabled people into work. They suggest seven key themes that the...

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