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Guaranteeing the right start: Preventing youth unemployment after Covid-19

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A New Contract for Retirement

The policy recommendations from our major research project on pensions and long-term care. Since 1997 Labour has devoted much time and effort to pensions and long-term care reform. Both areas have...

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A new contract for retirement: Modelling policy options to 2050

> Acts as a companion volume to A New Contract for Retirement , and contains three new and important contributions to the debates about pensions and long-term care. Can be bought together with A...

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The Asset-effect

The government has proposed two innovative asset-based welfare policies: the Child Trust Fund and the Savings Gateway. Part of the rationale for the development of an asset-based approach is that...

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Asset-based Welfare: International Comparisons

Helping people on low incomes to accumulate assets is moving into the welfare policy limelight in the UK. This debate is taking place in many countries around the globe, the experiences of four such...

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Assets and Progressive Welfare

> In this publication, asset-based ideas are explored from three different perspectives and lessons drawn from academic, policy-making and practical contexts. A progressive approach to asset-building...

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Ownership for all

Many within Britain have little security in the form of assets or savings. Yet in the past, policies to promote saving and investment have relied almost exclusively on the tax system. In Ownership...

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Welfare in Working Order

Presents a map of the main options for change from people of working aged who need to get jobs and keep them to today's retired poor who need higher incomes now. Download full publication 1...

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New Labour At Work

Employment will be a key factor for the new government. This report considers how reform can be organised and advocates a new Department of Work for labour market reforms. Employment will be a key...

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