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Guaranteeing the right start: Preventing youth unemployment after Covid-19

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Find out about our apprenticeships initiative, the London Progression Collaboration.

Delivering a fair work recovery in Scotland: Securing a living income for all

Fair work can provide people with a decent standard of living, a sense of purpose and a means of contributing to society. But for too many people in Scotland, work fails to deliver decent living standards or the security on which to build a good life.

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George Osborne’s living standards pitch: Who will lose out?

Today the chancellor garnered a great deal of attention for a bold move on the living wage, as part of his plan to turn the UK into a ‘low tax, high wage, and low welfare’ economy. But beyond this...

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Migrant employment outcomes in European labour markets

Across Europe, most migrant groups have lower employment rates, and a greater tendency to be overqualified for their jobs, than non-migrants. This report considers how European economies could...

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