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Guaranteeing the right start: Preventing youth unemployment after Covid-19

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Bigger than tax? The true power of wage growth

The government's submission to the Low Pay Commission argues for the main adult rate to hit £7 an hour by 2015 . This is a significant move for a number of reasons. First - and most importantl...

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Getting what we deserve? Attitudes to pay, reward and desert

This report investigates the role of pay as reward or recognition for different kinds of work, skills and outcomes. Drawing on polling and extensive qualitative research, it considers how the...

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In-work poverty in the recession

The share of poor households accounted for by working households has been increasing in the UK over the last decade, with more than half of poor children living in working households before the...

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Strength Against Shocks: Low-income families and debt

ippr's innovative research with 58 low-income families in London, Newcastle, Nottingham and Glasgow aimed to understand what the expansion of household debt has meant for the lives of low-income...

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