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Trust issues: Dealing with distrust in politics

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Where next? The challenge for centre-left politics

Professor of Government and Public Policy at UCL and former Labour MP Tony Wright reviews the post-Coalition landscape for centre-left politics in Britain, covering the spectrum of policy issues from...

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Will New Labour leave a lasting legacy?

Only now that the party has been ushered into opposition can we properly reflect on New Labour's lasting contribution to progressive politics, say Carey Oppenheim and Lisa Harker. In this short paper...

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Global Brit: Making the most of the British diaspora

The British diaspora is a large, diverse and talented group. In follow-up to our Brits Abroad we conclude that the UK government needs to build on the good work it is already doing by reconceptua...

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ippr poll of Prospective Parliamentary Candidates

Although the next parliament will see an exceptionally large number of new MPs, we currently know relatively little about the 'class of 2010'. To fill this gap ippr conducted an online poll of...

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Shall we see Michael's like again?

Historian and author Kenneth O. Morgan pays tribute to veteran Labour politician Michael Foot, who died in March 2010. Download full publication Download executive summary -...

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