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Trust issues: Dealing with distrust in politics

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Behind the Screen: The hidden life of youth online

In its recommendations, this report calls for collaboration and support from peers, youth services, teachers and parents, rather than top-down restrictions and rules dictated from central government....

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Beyond the Constitution? Englishness in a post-devolved Britain

The notion that we are currently witnessing a growing commitment to English nationalism and deeper and wider identification with Englishness, as opposed to Britishness, is becoming part of the...

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Politics for a New Generation

To mark 10 years since Labour's election, the next generation of British and US political thinkers, including MPs, Ministers and policy specialists have come together to outline what the next phase...

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Beyond Liberty: Is the future of liberalism progressive?

Drawing on the latest research from across the social sciences, this book argues that Liberals need to update their thinking in response to the way the world is changing. Drawing on the latest...

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The Progressive Consensus in Perspective

This paper explores the history of the progressive consensus, in particular analysing what happened to the 'progressive alliance' of the Liberal, Irish and Labour Parties which won an overwhelming...

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Power Shift: Do we need better global economic institutions?

Over the past year, the powerful international agencies - the World Trade Organization (WTO), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the World Bank - have been emasculated. International...

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The Future of Europe: Renewing the project

This report undertakes an analysis of the EU's progress and contemporary challenges, and proposes ways of renewing the project in four related domains: Europe's economy, its 'social dimension', its...

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Freedom's Orphans: Raising youth in a changing world

This report responds to an extensive debate among academics, practitioners and commentators - even the Archbishop of Canterbury - on the 'problems of modern youth'. Analysing evidence from across the...

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