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Trust issues: Dealing with distrust in politics

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Daddy Dearest? Active fatherhood and public policy

This report make practical and positive suggestions on how public services can be reoriented to promote active fatherhood. Fatherhood matters. Fathers can improve the life chances of their children....

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Quiet Revolution: Progressive government in South America

IPPR Director Nick Pearce looks at the quiet rise of democratic and centre-left politics in South America and finds reasons for optimism about the region's future. IPPR Director Nick Pearce looks at...

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The Party Paradox

IPPR is pleased to publish a paper by colleagues at the Dutch think tank, the Wiardi Beckman Institute. This paper contrasts the two stories that are frequently told about political parties, that...

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Something for Something: A national youth action programme

This paper explores some of the issues arising from the debate surrounding youth action, and how youth action might best be promoted. The aim of this paper is to present arguments for how effective...

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How Do We Pay: Funding public services in Europe

The aim of the pamphlet is to bring together some basic information about the charges that those using particular public services pay across a number of services in some EU countries. The reform of...

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A Civil Society: Are we nearly there yet?

This essay accompanies a speech given as part of IPPR's illumiantions events at the Labour Party Conference in Bournemouth 2003. David Blunkett MP sets out the key policy challenges faced in driving...

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The Family Report 2003: Choosing Happiness?

This report examines the relationship between happiness and having children. Over the last 30 years, people in Britain have become more affluent but have not become much happier. Over the same period...

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Streets Ahead: Safe and liveable streets for children

This pamphlet proves that children in deprived neighbourhoods are most likely to be involved in road accidents and recommends that speed limits should be reduced to 20 mph. Britain has a bad record...

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