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Trust issues: Dealing with distrust in politics

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Metis, Volume 5

Metis is the journal of [email protected], the student thinktank network. The theme this year – the politics of a new generation – encourages discussion of why so many young people are...

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Hung out to dry? Minority government after 2015

The arithmetic underpinning this scenario was expertly set out by Peter Kellner in a recent piece . In essence, his argument is that if the Liberal Democrats lose something close to half their...

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The morning-after pills our political leaders must swallow

The rehabilitation of Gordon Brown's reputation advanced a step further today as he gave a vintage, at times volcanic speech to a No rally in Glasgow. On Friday, the same performative test that...

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A short list of summer reading

As Scotland prepares to vote on its membership of the United Kingdom, Scotland's Choices by my colleague Guy Lodge and co-authors Iain McLean and Jim Gallagher is an indispensable read. It's...

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