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The Brexit EU-UK trade deal: A first analysis

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Notes on populists and political leaders

Contemporary political leaders are under sustained pressure across advanced democracies. They are attacked as 'out of touch' elites, inauthentic centrists who are 'all the same', or ineffectual...

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Democracy in Britain: Essays in honour of James Cornford

To celebrate the life of James Cornford and his contribution to constitutional reform, IPPR, with support from the Nuffield Foundation, is publishing a collection of essays in his honour. Together,...

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Politics as a vocation in a post-democratic age

I take Max Weber's famous lecture, Politik als Beruf , as a starting point for discussing how we should think about political leadership in contemporary democracies, against a background of...

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The Condition of Britain: Interim report

This interim report sets out the findings from the first stage of our ongoing Condition of Britain programme, which is considering how politics, institutions and policies need to change to respond to...

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10 principles for better government

This paper sets out a vision for a state that is less dependent on the market-based assumptions that have dominated policymaking over the last 35 years and which puts people at the heart of its...

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Accountability and responsiveness in the senior civil service

IPPR's report for the Cabinet Office, based on research into the civil services of overseas countries including Australia, Canada and New Zealand, recommends reforms to the appointment and accountabi...

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The Condition of Britain

> What are the issues causing anxiety in Britain today? How can we understand the pressures as well as the hidden potential in our society? The Condition of Britain...

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Staying in: A reform plan for Britain and Europe

This report calls for a referendum on Britain's membership of the EU that offers the British people a straight 'in-or-out' question. It advocates a role for Britain in reforming EU institutions, as...

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