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The Brexit EU-UK trade deal: A first analysis

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Staying in: A reform plan for Britain and Europe

This report calls for a referendum on Britain's membership of the EU that offers the British people a straight 'in-or-out' question. It advocates a role for Britain in reforming EU institutions, as...

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Launching the third wave: Memo from Davos, February 2012

> Will Straw summarises the discussion and debate that unfolded at the high-level breakfast event held at the World Economic Forum in Davos to launch The third wave of globalisation,...

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The third wave of globalisation

This report, the culmination of an international programme of research into the drivers and consequences of globalisation, calls for a rethink in international governance and a more 'personcentric'...

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Shiva's India: Memo from Mumbai and Delhi, November 2011

'India used to be a country high in patience and low on expectation. It is now a country low on patience and high on expectation.' An IPPR delegation including Lord Peter Mandelson and IPPR...

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Euroscepticism in the UK

From the vociferousness of the debate in the UK press in recent weeks, one could be excused for thinking that Europe was dominating discussions around the country, as indeed it has done at various...

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Still partying like it's 1995

If the centre-left wants to transform politics it needs to capture the spirit of the times and harness the new sources of energy in society. These have changed significantly since the mid-1990s and...

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Home care in London

Over the next two decades, the number of people aged over 80 is set to double in Britain. Public services must adapt to the challenge that this poses, central to which is the need to deliver social...

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The Right Alternative? Assessing the case for the Alternative Vote

AV is a superior voting system to FPTP principally because it goes with the grain of contemporary political life in Britain: it is better at reflecting the diversity and pluralism of the modern...

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