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Trust issues: Dealing with distrust in politics

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The Devolution Parliament

The next parliament will find itself once again dominated by Brexit – whatever the result of the General Election. The main risk is that, in doing so, Westminster will yet again be incapable of...

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No-deal Brexit: The implications for labour and social rights

The new prime minister is committed to delivering Brexit without further delay. With the government intent on leaving the EU and the chances of a renegotiation of the withdrawal agreement in flux,...

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State aid rules and Brexit

The EU’s policy of state aid control has become a focal point of debate since the UK’s 2016 referendum. Some proponents of leaving the EU have argued that, freed from the constraints of EU rules on...

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Democracy in Britain: Essays in honour of James Cornford

To celebrate the life of James Cornford and his contribution to constitutional reform, IPPR, with support from the Nuffield Foundation, is publishing a collection of essays in his honour. Together,...

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