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Trust issues: Dealing with distrust in politics

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Expert comment: The local elections, voter ID and democracy

Tonight IPPR North will join forces with MetroPolis, Peoples Powerhouse, CLES and Neon to host our first ‘ New Economy North ’ social event. We will be discussing the May 2023 local elections and...

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Freefall: how a year of chaos has undermined trust in politics

The last few weeks have seen profound political turmoil dominate our national debate. So bad has our plight become that The Economist magazine recently coined the term “ Britaly ”, a comparison to...

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Trust issues: Dealing with distrust in politics

In this report, we outline four major areas of challenge for policymakers to focus on, to address the ongoing decline in political trust.

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Making change: What works?

Movements change the world. Throughout history, loosely organised networks of individuals and organisations have sought changes to societies – and won.

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