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Trust issues: Dealing with distrust in politics

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A Future For Politics: Ways to reform our political system

In this short volume of essays the leading think tanks debate the pros and cons of a range of approaches to putting democracy in the United Kingdom on a firmer footing. It features contributions from...

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Direct Representation Towards a conversational democracy

"Coleman points us to the right starting point for the long journey of democratic renewal" Matthew Taylor, Chief Advisor on Political Strategy to the Prime Minister In this important pamphlet Stephen...

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Whatever Happened to Democracy?

What has happened to the great democratic revolution? John Keane sifts through the general confusion surrounding democracy and puts forward a personal view of what it could be and what can be done to...

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Keeping it Clean: State funding of political parties

This report shows how to ensure a fair funding system which provides parties with the funds they require while assuring the public the system is irreproachable. 2002 saw a flurry of media stories...

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Our House? Race and representation in British politics

This report argues that ethnic minority political hopefuls are losing out and shows how ethnic representation in politics has to be at the heart of the debate about civic renewal and public engagemen...

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New Democratic Processes

This report focuses on how well central Government is responding to the new agenda of public involvement in decision making. Does the public want to be more involved in Whitehall's decisions? What...

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Forces of Conservatism

A collection of specially commissioned essays discussing elements of the Prime Minister's 1999 Forces of Conservatism speech. Download full publication 1 86030 113 4...

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