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The Brexit EU-UK trade deal: A first analysis

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Towards a Progressive US-UK Trade Partnership

The contemporary model of international trade is under strain. Rising trade tensions, paralysis at the World Trade Organisation (WTO), and economic instability as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic...

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Negotiating the level playing field

The UK and the EU are embarking on the next stage of the Brexit negotiations to determine their future trading relationship. Both sides are looking to agree a free trade agreement to guarantee no...

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No-deal Brexit: The implications for labour and social rights

The new prime minister is committed to delivering Brexit without further delay. With the government intent on leaving the EU and the chances of a renegotiation of the withdrawal agreement in flux,...

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State aid rules and Brexit

The EU’s policy of state aid control has become a focal point of debate since the UK’s 2016 referendum. Some proponents of leaving the EU have argued that, freed from the constraints of EU rules on...

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An equal exit? The distributional consequences of leaving the EU

The UK’s vote to leave the EU arose in part from deep social and geographical divides across the country. But could the decision to leave in turn impact on inequalities? In the two years since the...

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Between the backstop and a hard place

As with much of the UK’s Brexit debate, this week’s row over customs union membership has taken place around six months too late. While MPs and peers argue about the merits of an independent trade...

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