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The Brexit EU-UK trade deal: A first analysis

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Scotland, the UK and Brexit: A guide to the future

Edited by Gerry Hassan, leading Scottish commentator, and Russell Gunson, Director of IPPR Scotland, Scotland, the UK and Brexit: A guide to the future is a collection of essays aimed to provide...

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A strategy for the Article 50 negotiations

‘Brexit means Brexit’ will no longer cut it; neither will her somewhat ambiguous references to trading with and operating within the single market, while regaining control over our own borders. With...

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Brexit North: Securing a united voice at the negotiating table

We need a Northern Brexit Negotiating Committee to consider and advocate for the type of Brexit that the north of England needs, just as other parts of the country will. This paper discusses the...

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What new deal should we strike with the EU?

The most critical job for Theresa May’s government will be to strike a new deal with the EU. She has said that ‘there is clearly no mandate for a deal that involves accepting the free movement of...

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What must happen now: the IPPR plan

This morning I was very pleased to kick off IPPR's series of speaking events on the future of Britain in Europe. Our series will bring together significant figures from across the political spectrum...

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