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The Brexit EU-UK trade deal: A first analysis

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The top of the in-tray: Memos to Theresa May's new ministers

To welcome the new ministers of Theresa May's government to office, IPPR presents a series of memos to the incoming heads of some key departments, setting out our views on the vital issues they face...

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What new deal should we strike with the EU?

The most critical job for Theresa May’s government will be to strike a new deal with the EU. She has said that ‘there is clearly no mandate for a deal that involves accepting the free movement of...

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What must happen now: the IPPR plan

This morning I was very pleased to kick off IPPR's series of speaking events on the future of Britain in Europe. Our series will bring together significant figures from across the political spectrum...

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In Scotland, the future is all yellow

To Aberdeen, city of granite and oil, for the SNP conference, the last of the season. Since the independence referendum, the fortunes of the SNP have risen as sharply as the oil price has fallen....

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The Tory paradox: A sharp suit hung on old bones

Like a Roman army massed beneath a triumphal arch, the Conservative party met under the broad curve of Manchester’s G-Mex centre for its annual conference this week. The swagger of a party in...

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Political inequality and the power of the grey vote

Today, IPPR has published a new report on political inequality and what to do about it. In an ideal world, we would now be setting up a constitutional convention and debating electoral reform, the...

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