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The state of health and care 2022

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Making the case for universal childcare

This paper makes the economic case for universal childcare for preschool-aged children. High-quality early years provision delivers a net financial return to the Treasury as well as delivering better...

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Parents at the Centre

The objective of this report is to understand why some parents who are entitled to use early years services don't normally do so. Despite a great deal of expansion and investment in early years...

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The Lever Faberg? Family Report 2004. Parenting Under the Microscope

The Lever Faberg? Family Report 2004 explores how parents talk and think about parenting and focuses on how support for parents, particularly those with teenagers, can be improved. How well children...

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Family and Community Socialism

A partial reply to the final report from the Commission on Social Justice, this monograph looks at the family as a unit and the need to support it through government measures and ensure its survival...

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