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The state of health and care 2022

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A whole-system approach to offender management

IPPR is arguing for a new ‘whole-system’ approach to offender management, with powers, resources, and decisions being transferred to a local level. We believe that city region mayors – or outside of...

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Criminal justice reform: A revolution on the American right

US conservative and justice reformer Pat Nolan lays out the shift towards rehabilitation and restorative justice - and away from heavy-handed imprisonment - that is sweeping through US states. UK...

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Beyond borders: Human trafficking from Nigeria to the UK

This in-depth case study report presents the findings from new research into the causes, processes and effects of human trafficking from Nigeria to the UK. Taking a 'whole of journey' approach, it...

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The UK's response to human trafficking: Fit for purpose?

In recent years, there has been a growing concern about a potential link between major sporting events and an increase in human trafficking for the purposes of forced labour and prostitution. At the...

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Open justice: Empowering victims through data and technology

Digital technology has already transformed the way we live and work. This paper explores the implications of these changes for how the criminal justice system serves the victims of crime. First, it...

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Metis, Volume 1

The first volume of the new journal from ippr@warwick, the thinktank based at the University of Warwick in partnership with ippr. The issue's principle theme is the war on drugs. Full contents:...

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Tomorrow's Prisons: Designing the future prison estate

With much of the prison estate far too old to meet modern needs, there is an urgent need for fresh thinking about what we do in our prisons - and how they should be designed to facilitate those...

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