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The state of health and care 2022

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Crime and Justice after Devolution

In analysing the main developments in criminal justice and policing policy across the four nations of the UK, our research highlights a number of innovative policies that others might learn from....

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Arrested Development: Unlocking change in the police service

This report argues that there is a strong case for widespread changes to the way the police work: how they are paid, managed, trained and recruited. It also argues for much greater integration of...

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A New Beat: Options for more accountable policing

This report argues that the police service in England and Wales suffers from an accountability deficit. It sets out the consequences of the local accountability deficit for police performance and...

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Make Me a Criminal: Preventing youth crime

This report makes the case for a more therapeutic and family-based approach to youth offending, as opposed to the present, more punitive, system. The arguments for the proposed approach appear...

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The New Bill: Modernising the police workforce

This paper outlines how changes to workforce policies and practices would help the Police Service to respond more effectively to the challenges it faces today. It sets out a vision for a much...

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Public Services at the Crossroads

This report sets out a progressive agenda for public services and for the next stage of public service reform in the UK. Its overarching theme is the fact that public services are not simply...

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Crime Share. The unequal impact of crime

This report begins to explore the social justice issues raised by the effects of crime. This report begins to explore the social justice issues raised by the effects of crime. The authors review...

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New Directions in Community Justice

For some, 'community justice' conjures up images of vigilantism and mob rule. Others see it as a way of making criminal justice systems more responsive to local concerns. This report analyses the...

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