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The state of health and care 2022

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Reinventing the Police Station

With the police estate undergoing dramatic change, this report examines the ways police buildings shape people's confidence in the police, their fear of crime and sense of security, and identifies...

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Reluctant Witness

Independent witnesses play a vital role both for the defence and prosecution in the criminal justice system, but receive little thanks or support for the inconvenience, anxiety and sometimes...

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Public Participation in Policing

This paper looks at the importance of public participation in policing and argues that, performance on its own, particularly performance defined by the centre, will not enhance public confidence in...

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Criminal Justice Choices. What is criminal justice for?

> There are unrealistic expectations about the extent to which criminal justice agencies can reduce crime. There is an overwhelming focus on managerial targets, to the neglect of respect for...

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Loving Smack or Lawful Assault: A Contradiction in human rights and law

The Government wants to provide children with greater protection from physical punishment but believes public opinion will not support wholesale reform. The Government's own data demonstrates public...

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