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Better health and care for all: A 10-point plan for the 2020s

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Whole system reform: England's schools and the middle tier

This report makes the case for appointing regional schools commissioners, responsible for commissioning schools and ensuring high standards, as a means of making the increasingly fragmented schools...

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A school system that needs dawn raids needs reform

Some years ago, when I was working as an adviser in the Home Office, I accompanied a team of immigration officers on an early morning operation to detain migrants who had overstayed their visas. As...

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A critical path: Securing the future of higher education in England

In this report, the Commission on the Future of Higher Education sets out how Britain can continue to expand and reform higher education, protecting research and learning through austerity while...

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An avalanche is coming: Higher education and the revolution ahead

'Our belief is that deep, radical and urgent transformation is required in higher education as much as it is in school systems. Our fear is that, perhaps as a result of complacency, caution or...

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