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Better health and care for all: A 10-point plan for the 2020s

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Not for profit: The role of the private sector in England's schools

While there is a role for the private sector in our education system, schools themselves should not be run for profit. This paper argues that schools should be public institutions, situated at the...

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The future of higher education in England: Call for evidence

This call for evidence is aimed at higher education managers, academics, organisations and individuals who wish to contribute their research, analysis and policy ideas to the commission and be part...

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Metis, Volume 2

Metis is the journal of [email protected], the student thinktank network. This year's theme - education - emphasises the importance of a constructive dialogue between students, regardless of degree...

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Benchmarking the English school system against the best in the world

This paper explores the principles behind international benchmarking, how it is being carried out in different countries, what factors policymakers need to take into account when introducing...

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Youth Tracker, Issue 4

August brings the prospect of exam results and young people having to decide on their next steps in life. This edition of Youth Tracker focuses on what we can do to put these young people at the...

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